I. standby stand‧by 1 [ˈstændbaɪ] also stand-by noun TRAVEL
1. [countable] someone or something that is ready to be used when needed:

• The government has asked potential donor countries for 75,000 tonnes of grain as a standby.

2. [uncountable] when you are ready to travel on a plane, but can only do so if there are seats left when it is ready to leave:

• The flight is full, but we can put you on standby.

  [m0] II. standby standby 2 also stand-by adjective [only before a noun]
1. TRAVEL a standby ticket is a cheap ticket for a plane journey that you buy just before the plane leaves
— standby adverb :

• Most of the carriers would allow people to fly standby.

2. ECONOMICS a standby arrangement or agreement allows a member state of the International Monetary Fund to receive money if it has serious financial problems:

• About $45 million was available in instalments under a standby arrangement.

• The International Monetary Fund has approved a new £596 million standby loan for Pakistan.

* * *

standby UK US (plural standbys) (also stand-by) /ˈstændbaɪ/ noun [C]
a person or thing that is available and that can be used when necessary, if another person or thing is not available, or in an emergency: »

They manufacture portable GPS systems which can be used as an emergency standby.

(also standby ticket) TRANSPORT a cheap ticket sold just before a flight or a performance if there is a seat available
fly standby — Cf. fly standby
on standby — Cf. on standby
standby UK US (also stand-by) /ˈstændbaɪ/ adjective [before noun]
ready to be used if necessary: »

a standby generator


If the computer is left undisturbed for five minutes, it goes into standby mode.


The phone offers up to four hours of talk time and 106 hours of standby time.

ECONOMICS relating to extra money that a country can borrow from the International Monetary Fund if it has serious financial difficulties: »

a standby agreement/arrangement/loan


standby credit

sold just before a flight or a performance if there is a seat available: »

a standby flight/seat

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